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February 2022 Book Club Recommendation

My book recommendation this month is a little unusual (although that may be true of almost all my recommendations so far).

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle is about how to experience contentment in day to day life.

A lot of our dissatisfaction, stress, and unhappiness comes from wishing we were someplace other than where we are right now, doing something other than what we're doing right now, and feeling something other than what we're feeling right now. Living this way creates unnecessary angst.

As an example, I caught myself with a bad attitude the other day, while walking my dog. Why? On other days, walking her was the highlight of my day. Being out in the fresh air, getting my blood flowing, watching this sweet animal run around smelling different spots of dirt (I always wonder what she's experiencing in those moments)... What more could I need from these walks?

The answer is, nothing! The problem isn't what I am doing in the moment, it's how I am doing it. It's the same story for so many other moments throughout my day. Maybe you can relate to this go-go-go, next thing, next thing lifestyle. I tell you, it's unnecessary.

What Tolle talks about in his book, is how to get out of your own way, and actually enjoy the experience of being alive. I've gotten a lot out of it, and I think you might too.



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