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Map Your Situation


Start with a video call to discuss what's on your mind, and what you'd like to accomplish

(55 minutes)

Nicholas will ask you a few questions to understand your situation and start addressing your most pressing concerns:​​

  • What has led you to seek out an advisor? Why now?​

  • How would you describe your current situation?

  • What is most important to you, personally and financially?

This is also a great time to ask Nicholas some questions, and feel out whether you are a good fit for working together. You might ask:

  • What does a typical client engagement look like?​ 

  • Who do you typically work with?

  • What do I need to bring to this relationship?

Design a Great Life

Vision and Values

What are we aiming to achieve through our work together? 

(90 minutes)

We will discuss your goals and priorities from a financial planning perspective, and establish what needs to happen in this engagement for you to feel really good about your progress.

Once we've identified some success criteria, we will map out what working together will look like over the coming weeks. 

Clients who have had this conversation frequently see much faster progress towards their goals, and report greater clarity and purpose in their lives.

Take Action

Getting Started

Setting direction and taking action

(60 minutes)

Together, we will organize your finances and take action.

Over the next few meetings, we will create, refine, and implement your plan. 

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