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June 2022 Newsletter

I have just two recommendations for you in this month's newsletter. I think what I most enjoy sharing is something that empowers a mindset shift that upgrades your thinking and leads you to better results. I hope these will improve your life.

For Everyone:

The Tim Ferriss Show 510: Greg McKeown, The Art of Effortless Results: I think this was an interesting, personal, and reflective discussion about positive and negative thinking, and the impact it has on productivity. A small dose of philosophy can help you better focus on the things that matter most, and better see the best way of getting them done.

For Business Owners and Leaders:

Double Your Profits in 6 Months or Less, by Bob Fifer: Gimmicky title aside, I like this book because it is an antidote to "bloat." It seems almost like a law of nature for added expenses, time-wasters, and non-strategic initiatives to creep in and eat away at the productive potential of an organization. But what's tragic is that these distractions divert resources away from the strategic investments that matter most.

Disclaimer: I can't say that I endorse everything he recommends in this book. Some practices that look good in the short term could end up holding your business back in the long run. And conversely, some of the best investments may take years to bear fruit. It takes good judgment and consideration to know which is which. But if you give it some thoughtful reflection, maybe picking the book up for just 10 minutes at a time, I think you'll find some good opportunities to improve the allocation of resources in your organization.

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