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November Newsletter

If you're a business owner, I think you'll find this interview with Rahul Vohra really thought-provoking, especially his "product-market fit engine." It is one of the best predictors of growth and profitability, and can radically improve the value of what you do. There are so many good nuggets on entrepreneurship throughout this interview that I listened to it twice, and took notes.  

Another podcast I took notes throughout is Tim Ferris' interview with Seth Godin. Godin has such a thoughtful and balanced way of thinking about work and life. He methodically challenges many myths around creative work, and offers a more constructive perspective. Listening to him led me to take an honest, painful look at my attitude and approach, and I believe I'm better for it. 

Dan Sullivan and Peter Diamandis are often early to identify technological trends that are reshaping our world. In this episode, they discuss why we are at a fascinating point in biomedical technology, wherein the tools for understanding (and modifying) our biochemistry are getting more powerful, and more affordable. As you might imagine, this has many implications for aging, disease, longevity, and healthspan. If you're a biological human like me, take note.

One more thing: many of my clients benefit from an annual review as we approach year-end. This includes wrapping up 2020 with some tax planning and retirement planning, as well as mapping out the year ahead. If that sounds like something you'd be interested in, please click here to schedule a 20 introduction call. Current clients can expect a separate email from me next week regarding this. 


Nicholas Pihl

Pihl Financial Planning

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