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October Newsletter

I have just two recommendations for you this month, but they're quality. 

At this point in your life, you probably have seen some evidence that humans aren't fully rational creatures. If not, maybe you've missed the last few months of 2020, which I feel have been a masterclass in human psychology.

Even so, Influence by Robert Cialdini takes that to a new level, showing the degree to which people are primarily emotional in their thinking, as well as the ways they can be, well, "Influenced." I hope you'll enjoy this introduction to the dark art of persuasion. I found it a little unnerving to be given this much power for $14.99, but I trust you will handle it responsibly. 

I think Tim Ferris can be a little hit or miss, but I really enjoyed his conversation with entrepreneur and investor Brad Feld. Brad is really open about his struggle to find balance between his work and his marriage, and he paints a frightening picture of what your life can become, if you let it. More importantly, he figured out how to salvage his relationship with his spouse and rekindle a great relationship. He shares some practices, epiphanies, and principles to help you find better balance too. 

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