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September "Book Club" Recommendations

Welcome to September, my favorite month to be an Oregonian! Hopefully you're enjoying life and making the most of this good weather while we have it. Have a great Labor Day weekend!

Atomic Habits by James Clear: This was a fun book, and it captures something I've come to appreciate in recent years. Success doesn't come from a grand vision that you tackle all at once. Instead, everything in your life today (good and bad) was built just one day at a time. Small changes add up, and James Clear offers many tips for how to live just a little bit better, day by day. Reading this book was a nice way to reflect and clean up some of my habits.

Huberman Lab: Dr. Emily Balcetis: Tools for Setting & Achieving Goals: Whether you're training for a race or working towards a career goal, it doesn't help to fight your neurochemistry. Huberman and Balcetis discuss several common habits that that feel productive in the moment, but actually decrease your long-run odds of success.

The Biggest Risk You'll Face In Retirement: I started this article while brainstorming the various financial risks that retirees face, and when I read back through the list, every important risk I could think of pointed in this same direction. Whether it's inflation, market volatility, or unsustainable spending, the reason that these risks matter is because they increase the risk of outliving your money.

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