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  • Nicholas Pihl

July Newsletter, 2022

This month's newsletter is a bit of a departure from the usual books, podcasts, etc. Since it's (finally!) summer, after an especially long, damp, cloudy spring, I thought I'd instead put together a few ideas for getting out of the house and enjoying life! These are some of the things I most enjoy in summertime and I think you might like them too.

  • Camping. A lot of camp sites get booked pretty far in advance, but there are also sites set aside on a first-come, first-serve basis. These are a decent option if you've got a more flexible schedule and can arrive at a site between Tuesday and Thursday. Just call ahead to make sure they have sites open. There are a few up around Mt. Hood, where you can go from one to the next in case you can't find a spot. Lost Lake and Trillium Lake are a couple good options.

  • Pacific City, climb the dunes

  • Float the Deschutes River

  • Oregon Zoo

  • Top Gun: Maverick

  • Timbers games

  • Portland Pickles games

  • Salt & Straw (some people say it's over-rated but I disagree. If you go there in the middle of the day on a Wednesday or something, it's awesome because there's no line.)

  • Picking berries

I hope you have a fun Fourth of July weekend, and a great summer ahead!



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